Manor Farm to Market

at Whisper Valley

next market:


10:00 – 1:00pm

9400 Petrichor Blvd, Manor, TX 78653

Addie Broussard, Market Owner / Director

Addie started working at Farmers Markets in and around the Austin area in 2007. Her humble beginnings were working for the home cook icon, Juanita Garcia of Aunt Nita’s Homestyle Foods. For over 10 years, Addie supported Aunt Nita in several markets across town and experienced the extensive growth of the market scene all over Central Texas working at some of the highest rated markets in the US.

In addition to market support, Addie also worked alongside Nita in her commercial kitchen in Leander, TX. Over the years her passion for food and farmers markets landed her a Chef position at a seasonal summer camp, El Ranchito. Here she established her roots and extended her passion of cooking delicious food to her love of nature and spending time outdoors.

The role of Chef Addie stuck and she continues to serve nutritious food for the youth at El Ranchito and has expanded her role within the Shield Ranch organization, currently serving as the Hospitality Director of the Campsite at Shield Ranch.

When Aunt Nita passed away in 2018, she was no longer participating in the farmers markets regularly and missed it deeply. In 2019, Addie and her husband Denton, purchased a home in Whisper Valley. In love with the ethos of sustainability and true sense of community and neighborliness, Addie decided she would set her sights on starting a new market in her community. With the support of the HOA and community at-large, the ManorF2M at Whisper Valley launched in September of 2021. Addie hopes that as this community continues to grow, the market will too.

Get in touch with Addie: manorf2m@gmail.com

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